AI and Ethics

2021, May 11 and 18 (9AM - 5PM)

Fees: 800€
Preferential fees for UGA/CNRS.
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Elements for an AI, digital and data ethics


This training is an introduction to the ethics of AI, digital, and data. It aims to enable participants to address issues related to AI using ethical theories.

It has three main goals: first, it intends to train in these theories; second, it is based on a thematic approach that draws on concepts of algorithm ethics such as explicability and transparency; third, it undertakes to examine traditional ideas that are being transformed by the rise of AI and digital: for example, responsibility, trust, freedom.

Concrete cases will be submitted for reflection, which concerns the different fields of application of AI, considered from design to use (health, defense, and security, mobility). This practical approach allows the foundations to be laid for applied ethics adapted to different organizations.

For this first training session, the 2nd day will be more specifically devoted to the relationship between ethics and marketing on the one hand, and between ethics and connected health on the other.


Jour 1

Thierry Ménissier (Pr. of philosophy "human sciences & Innovation", head of the chair "ethics&IA", IPhiG & Grenoble IAE).

  • Morning: lecture 1 (9 h - 12): on the fundamentals of IA and data ethics.
  • Afternoon: Lecture 2 (14 - 17 h): Application workshop (3 h)

Jour 2

Researchers of the ethics & AI chair

  • Morning: lecture 3 (9 h - 12 h): Ethics, marketing and digital: Thierry Ménissier & Agnès Helme-Guizon (Professor of Social Marketing, CERAG & Grenoble IAE, UGA)
  • Afternoon: lecture 4 (14 - 17 h): ethics and health: Thierry Ménissier and Alexandre Bretel (PhD student, ethics&IA chair, IPhiG and LIP6 - Computer Science Laboratory Paris 6).

Facilitation  Thierry Ménissier, Prof. UGA, scientific manager of the ethics & IA chair

Agnès Helme-Guizon, Professeure de Marketing Social, CERAG & Grenoble IAE, UGA

Alexandre Bretel, doctorant, chaire éthique&IA, IPhiG et LIP6 – Laboratoire d’informatique Paris 6.
Public IT specialists and data analysts, managers of group, company, start-up or administration.
Volume Two days (2 x 6 hrs)
Participants 12 to 24

Training program