Artificial Intelligence for Management

2021, October

Register : Continuing Education Grenoble IAE

Fees: 2400 euros net of taxes


What does a manager need to know today to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence in his organization and career?

The Artificial Intelligence for Management module aims to help managers at any organizational level align the promise of AI with the realities of their company's strategy, culture, and organization.


  • Understand the main scenarios of AI (Artificial Intelligence);
  • Evaluate AI projects taking into account the company's objectives;
  • Evaluate the opportunity in the light of existing resources and technologies;
  • Align projects with the organizational culture.


3-day Execed Workshop: Through a review of the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and case studies in the fields of finance, healthcare, and logistics, participants will learn how to evaluate AI projects in light of business objectives, as well as assess the opportunities for the company to use these techniques in light of existing resources and technologies and align projects with the organizational culture.

Participants will be trained in a "Trust by Design" method to guide the development of digital practices. Aimed at helping decision making through data, this method is based on dialogue between systems engineers, managers, and customers.

In small groups, participants will examine case studies of current usage scenarios in their chosen industries. Finally, each participant will have the opportunity to evaluate the application of the module's main concepts in the context of his or her activity.

  • Introduction (seminar, case study);
  • Managerial decision making (seminar);
  • Foundations of Data Science (workshop);
  • AI and Machine Learning (workshop, case study);
  • Blockchain Technologies (case study, workshop);
  • Digital Ethics (seminar).

Facilitation Dr. Lee SCHLENKER / Principal of the Business Analytics Institute. Specialist in applying data analytics in business and Director of the Business Analytics Institute (BAI). In his consulting assignments, publications, and training, Dr. Schlenker promotes human and machine intelligence's co-development to meet the challenges of AI management, digital transformation, and customer analysis. Over the last twenty years, he has led twenty plus missions in the fields of banking and finance, telecommunications, and public administration. Recent clients include Adecco, Axa-Winterthur, British Telecom, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, NationBuilder, and the SAS Institute, and several universities and business schools in the US, Europe, and Asia.
Public Executives involved in the digital transformation of their group, company, start-up or administration.
Volume 21 hours (3 days or 6 half-days).
Participants 12 to 24
Instructional Languages French or English