Deep Learning

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Fees: 1800€
Preferential fees for UGA/CNRS.
Session 2021: online course (1200 euros)


General (supervised/unsupervised learning, classification/regression)

The principles of MLP, back-propagation, Auto-encoding, GAN.

These principles will be supported in the applications section:

  • Vision (concepts presented: CNN, GAN, etc.)
  • Finance (concepts presented: Regression, etc.)
  • Text (concepts presented: VAE, text generator) 
  • Time series (concepts presented: RNN)

Facilitation Eric Gaussier, Georges Quénot, Jean-Luc Parouty, James L. Crowley, Mnacho Echenim, Olivier Michel
Public Professionals
Volume Three days (18 hours)
Participants 25

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