RL@Alpes 2023 Symposium

on the March 1, 2023

RL@Alpes is a Reinforcement Learning (RL) Meeting at Grenoble. It provides a venue to meet and connect with scientists from the larger Grenoble area who research or apply RL.

on March 1st the RL@Alpes 2023 symposium takes place.

It gathers RL scientists from the larger Grenoble and Lyon area of France to meet and discuss their current research. 16 speakers from various institutions: Inria Grenoble and Lyon, NAVERLABS Europe, University Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, CEA-Leti, LIG, G2Elab.

The topics span several RL areas such as the alignment of language models via RL, RL for robotics, or the application of RL for energy systems.

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The Robotlearn team of Inria Grenoble, represented by Chris Reinke (PostDoc) and Xavier Alameda Pineda (Teamleader).
Our team is researching Deep RL methods for social robotics as part of the European H2020 SPRING project. We are focusing on Transfer and Meta RL to adapt the robot quickly to different reward functions and user requirements.

Published on March 2, 2023