Claude Le Pape-Gardeux

VP Technology Portfolio and Partnerships - Optimization and Analytics Domain Leader - at Schneider Electric

Short Bio

Claude Le Pape-Gardeux is in Schneider Electric coordinating the evaluation of new technologies, the recognition of technical experts, and the management of Research and Development projects and partnerships in the "Artificial Intelligence, Optimization, Dependability and Analytics" domain. He received a PhD in Computer Science from University Paris XI and a Management Degree from "Collège des Ingénieurs" in 1988. Before joining Schneider Electric, he was successively postdoctoral student at Stanford University, consultant and software developer at ILOG S.A., senior researcher at Bouygues S.A., and R&D team leader at Bouygues Telecom and ILOG S.A. He contributed to several European research projects and to the development of many software tools and applications in various domains: chemicals mixture design, inventory management, manufacturing scheduling, long-term personnel planning, construction site scheduling, and energy usage optimization.

Presentation title

Artificial Intelligence for Energy and Asset Management: Operational Applications and Research Challenges.


Energy and asset management solutions rely more and more on analytical applications, based on Modelling, Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence. This includes performance evaluation, production/consumption/price forecasting, anticipation of maintenance requirements, optimization of investments, operational planning and control, etc. Research challenges remain to extend the scope of these solutions, including incremental learning from "small" data, advanced text analysis, practical optimization under uncertainty, the use of co-simulation, inclusive user interaction, and the capacity to reinforce or guarantee application reliability, safety or equity.