Julien Poirrier

Chief Architect at Huawei

Short bio

Julien Poirrier is Chief Architect at Huawei, in charge of 5G, Edge Computing and AI co-innovation with Orange.
Prior to joining Huawei in 2008, Julien worked in the R&D labs of Orange, Marconi, Alcatel and AT&T. He holds a MsC from Virginia Tech and a PhD from Université de Rennes.

Presentation title

Pervasive AI: from Cloud to Devices, through Edge


Deep learning started in the cloud and has become a standard feature in 100s of millions of smartphones (for photography and user experience improvement). It is now making its way into most verticals Retail, Telecom, manufacturing, Transport, Health in conjunction with IoT and Computer Vision...
We will look into the growing deployments of AI @ Edge and the related challenges.