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MIAI MEETING - 13th October 2022

from September 27, 2022 to October 13, 2022

MIAI@Grenoble Alpes announces the next MIAI-Meeting. This event will take place on Thursday 13th October 2022, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Amphithéâtre de la MaCI. 339 avenue Centrale - 38400 Saint-Martin d'Hères


11h00 - 11h45 : Session on Education & AI

11h00-11h15 : Présentation d’EFELIA-MIAI. Jean-Louis Roch (ENSIMAG, Head of EFELIA-MIAI)

11h15-11h45: Towards AI-Powered Data-Driven Education. Sihem Amer-Yahia (CNRS, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, MIAI,France)

Abstract: Educational platforms are increasingly becoming AI-driven. Besides providing a wide range of course filtering options, personalized recommendations of learning material and teachers are driving today's research. While accuracy plays a major role in evaluating those recommendations, many factors must be considered including learner retention, throughput, upskilling ability, equality of learning opportunities, and satisfaction. This creates a tension between learner-centered and platform-centered approaches. I will describe research at the intersection of data-driven recommendations and education theory. This includes multi-objective algorithms that leverage collaboration and affinity in peer learning, studying the impact of learning strategies on platforms and people, and automating the generation of sequences of courses.

11h45- 12:15 : Session Entreprenar{IA]t – MIAI Innovation Board

11h45-11h50 : Présentation et réalisation du Bureau. Philippe Broun (Inria, Head of MIAI-Innovation Board)

11h50-12:05 : Présentations des Programmes de soutien à la création d’entreprise.

  • Le programme MAGELLAN, Sylvain Colomb (CEA-Leti, member of MIAI Innovation Board)
  • Le programme Inria StartupStudio, Philippe Broun (Inria, member of MIAI Innovation Board)

12h05-12h15 : Label-MIAI Innovation : Description et annonce des 8 startups labellisées MIAI.

12h15-12h35 : Low-precision logarithmic arithmetic for neural network accelerators. Maxime Christ (PhD student - Frédéric Pétrot)

12h35-12h40 : Présentation du Worskshop des doctorants 3IA. Gabriel Job-Antunes-Grabher (MIAI PhD Club)

12h40-12h55 : Futures chaires à MIAI. Eric Gaussier (Directeur MIAI)

12h55-13h00 : Conclusion

13h00-14h00: Buffet

Published on October 6, 2022