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MIAI MEETING - September 2020 (Review program & meeting)

on the September 10, 2020


Within the framework of the monthly meetings, MIAI@Grenoble Alpes organised on Thursday 10 September 2020, a meeting with the thematic: New industrial challenges.
For this session, the meeting was through videconference.

Program of the meeting

11h00 – 11h05 : Introduction générale (Eric Gaussier)

11h05 – 11h25 : Artificial Intelligence in Data Centers (Alexandre Dray - Eaton)

11h25 – 11h45 : Accelerating Artificial Intelligence in datacenters (Côme Demarigny - Endavon Technologies)

11h45 – 12h05 : Prendre le virage de l’IA pour une PME Grenobloise (Jean Luc Baudouin - Adeunis)

12h05 – 12h25 : IA pour des systèmes de productions reconfigurables et pilotés par les données (Gülgün ALPAN - INP Chaire MIAI - Human-centric manufacturing)

12h25 – 12h30 : Conclusion (Eric Gaussier)

Review the meeting

Published on May 19, 2021