Nathalie Nevejans

"Maître de conférences HDR" in Private Law at the University of Artois


Nathalie Nevejans holds the ANR Excellence Chair "IA Responsable" (University of Artois). She is an HDR lecturer in private law at the University of Artois. She is a member of the Ethics Committee of the CNRS (COMETS) and of the Centre Droit, Ethique et Procédures (UR 2471 - University of Artois). Her book "Traité de droit et d'éthique de la robotique civile", LEH éditions (1232 pages), published in 2017, was awarded the Francis Durieux 2019 prize by the Académie des sciences morales et politiques.

Presentation title

Towards an ethical AI? About explicability and acceptability.


The use of AI tends to become widespread in many fields (education, administration, justice, health, industry, ...)