Sihem Amer-Yahia

CNRS Research Director 

Short Bio

Sihem is a CNRS Research Director. Her interests are at the intersection of large-scale data management and social data exploration. Sihem held positions at QCRI, Yahoo! Research and at&t Labs. She served on the SIGMOD Executive Board and the VLDB Endowment. She is currently chairing ICDE 2020 and is the VLDB 2021 Diversity and Inclusion chair.

Presentation title

Iterative Behavior Analytics


In data exploration, users are assumed to have only a partial understanding of what they are looking for and of the underlying data.
This motivates the need for iterative behavior analytics whereby as a series of steps are triggered by the application of an operation to the shown data to advance to the next step. I will discuss 3 scenarios where users receive full or partial guidance in the form of data and operation recommendations.