GoSCAI - Grenoble-Swansea Joint Centre in Human Centred AI and Data Systems


In the framework of a defined strategic plane, covering a 5-year period (2021-2026) of collaborations between both universities of Grenoble and Swansea, the “Grenoble-Swansea Joint Centre in Human Centred AI and Data Systems” was launched by April 2022.

This centre aims to create a world-leading community that drives advances in data and intelligence-based systems by taking a “people-first” approach.
In doing so, we recognise the widespread concerns in society about the possible impact of future digital innovations. We will engage people in meaningful, participatory co-design of AI technologies, ensuring a much higher degree of trust and acceptance.

Our centre has two interlinked objectives:
  • To create and address a globally inspiring people-first agenda for AI and data driven systems.
  • To act as the community that excels in and advocates for human centred science and innovation.

By doing so we aim to:

  • Be highly visible and attractive to stakeholders including private and public sector funders.
  • Widen the network of collaboration worldwide with relevant research and development centres, recruiting others to help further the agenda.
  • Attract future researchers and developers – undergraduate and postgraduate students – to join our movement for change.
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