International masters & schools


International research masters programs

MIAI@Grenoble Alpes is involved in two international research masters programs.

AI4Onehealth - Artificial Intelligence for One Health

The AI4OneHealth master's degree is an international master's program in health engineering.
It aims to train students in new developments and applications of artificial intelligence (AI) methods in health:
  • Methodological aspects
  • Ethical and legal aspects
  • Application for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients
  • Robotics, GMCAO (Computer Aided Interventional Medicine and Surgery)

Targeted students

  • Health students (Medicine, Pharmacy, ...)
  • Master of Engineering for Health students
  • Master in Math-Info fields who want to extend their knowledge to health fields
  • International students in the fields of Health, Biology, Mathematics, IT who have validated 240 equivalent ECTS.

> AI4Onehealth website


CoDaS - Communications Engineering and Data Science, International M.Sc. Program

CoDaS is a joint M.Sc. program offered by three leading European universities: Aalto University (Finland), Grenoble INP-UGA Institute of Engineering (France), and Técnico Lisboa (University Lisboa, Portugal). Each Partner University will recruit students for the 1st year of the program according to their quota, following their usual admission processes. Then, the students will go for the 2nd year of the program to another Partner University. For instance, the student that enrols in Aalto U. for the 1st year, will go either to Grenoble INP-UGA Institute of Technology or Técnico Lisboa for the 2nd year. This M.Sc. program have been certified by MIAI@Grenoble Alpes.

The objectives of the joint CoDaS M.Sc. are the following

  • to strengthen student education in the key area of Communications Engineering and Data Science with foreseen major future impact,
  • to contribute to the graduation of engineers in the already much needed area of the degree, putting together the competences of telecommunications and data analysis,
  • to offer a variety of courses on complementary specializations at the Partners: 5G and Automation at Aalto University, Communications and Data Science at Técnico Lisboa, and CyberSecurity at Grenoble INP-UGA Institute of Engineering,
  • to address current and future challenges related to Information and Communication Technologies and sustainable development,
  • to contribute to the goals of the European Union Digital Strategy.

> CoDaS website


International summer & winter schools

Each year, MIAI@Grenoble Alpes co-organized several international summer & winter schools.
Schools Description
The Algorithms in Structural Bioinformatics (AlgoSB) school The aim of AlgoSB is to introduce advanced methods in Structural Bioinformatics in the largest sense, giving special attention to interdisciplinary approaches. This year's focus will be on Machine Learning Methods to Analyze and Predict Protein Structure, Dynamics and Function.
AI4HEALTH Winter School The school is aimed at students (final year masters, PhD), post-docs, academics, members of public institutions, and professionals. In order to participate to the practical sessions, basic knowledge in machine learning and python is required. The Winter School is organized by French Health Data Hub, as well as France’s leading AI research institutions: MIAI Grenoble, 3IA Cote d’Azur (Nice) and PRAIRIE (Paris).
ALPS (Advanced Language Processing School), the NLP winter school in the Alps ALPS consists in a week-long series of lectures by world-class NLP researchers, sessions where participants present their work, social sessions and labs.
P.A.I.S.S. Prairie/MIAI Artificial Intelligence Summer School The PRAIRIE/MIAI AI summer school comprises lectures conducted by renowned experts in different areas of artificial intelligence.
International Summer School of Automatic Control Grenoble - Data and learning for control school The aim of this Summer School has been to offer to the control systems community members the opportunity of gathering around the various challenges and methodologies dedicated to the application of data-based and learning methods for control. Experts on control, machine learning and data science have been sharing their expertises and cutting-edge research results.