The education board's objective is to double the number of people trained in Artificial Intelligence and its applications. The training courses offered are aimed at all levels: bachelor, master, and doctorate.


Kim Thang Nguyen : Education Director of the MIAI Institute and Professor of Computer Science at Grenoble-INP, Grenoble Alpes University. In charge of the education board.

Thnimphorn Courant : EFELIA-MIAI Project Manager

Hervé Martin : Director of the MIAI Institute and Professor of Computer Science at Grenoble Alpes University.

Eric Gaussier : Scientific Director of the MIAI Institute and Professor of Computer Science at Grenoble Alpes University.

Jean-Louis Roch: Professor at Ensimag / Grenoble-INP, Grenoble Alpes University.

Anatoli Juditsky : Professor at Grenoble Alpes University, Co-responsible for the educational board

Massih-Reza Amini : Professor of Computer Science, Head of the LIG's AMA team

Ahmed Lbath : Professor of Computer Science at Grenoble Alpes University

Christian Defelix : Director of Grenoble IAE

Camille Bernard : Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at LIG & Grenoble IAE

Daniel Brissaud : Director Grenoble INP-UGA Génie Industriel

Fanny Rabouille : Head of pedagogical engineering in the department Management and Technology Degree in Engineering, Computer Science at GEM

Gilles Henri : Director UFR PhITEM (Physics, Engineering, Earth, Environment, Mechanics)

Iragael Joly : Senior Lecturer Grenoble INP-UGA, Researcher at the Grenoble Applied Economy Laboratory (GAEL)

Marc Oddon : Vice President Continuing Education and Apprenticeship at Grenoble Alpes University

Michel Seve : Dean UFR Pharmacy

Olivier Michel : Grenoble INP-UGA ENSE3, Head of the Master's Degree in Signal and Image Processing

Olivier Palombi : Vice-Dean UFR Medicine CHU Grenoble Alpes

Philippe Protin : Senior lecturer of Finance and Deputy Director for Studies - Grenoble IAE

Ronald Phlypo : Senior lecturer of Grenoble INP-UGA - Phelma

Théodore Christakis : Co-Director of the Grenoble Alpes Data Institute, Chair Legal and Regulatory Implications of Artificial Intelligence MIAI