MIAI-DAYS : Wednesday May 5th

Les forces de l’IA au service de la santé / Harnessing the power of AI for health care

Real-life monitoring of cardio-respiratory health by smart implanted medicaldevices: Academic challenges & Industrial perspectives

Philippe Cinquin - PhD in Applied Mathematics and MD, is Professor of Public Health (Medical Informatics) at Univ. Grenoble Alps (UGA) and Grenoble University Hospital (CHUGA). He is the former head of TIMC (UGA & CNRS), and belongs to Centre for Clinical Investigation (INSERM & CHUGA). He was the recipient of the Muller Award for excellence in computer-assisted orthopedic surgery, of the CNRS Silver and Innovation Awards, of the Ambroise Paré Award (French Academy of Surgery). He holds “Deep Care” (a research chair of Grenoble Multidisciplinary Institute of Artificial Intelligence).

Thibault Parmentier - Directeur des Opérations/Directeur Technique de Sentinhealth et Gérant d'Hequality
Responsable du laboratoire de R&D grenoblois de SentinHealth en lien avec le laboratoire TIMC de l’UGA

Summary : We coined the Deep Care concept to synergize “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) and “Care”. Deep Care will focus on Grenoble’s specific asset in AI for Health: our capacity to characterize Health during the “real life” of sound and ill people. The presentation will summarize the strategy of Deep Care and exemplify it on the instance of real-life monitoring of cardio-respiratory health by smart implanted medical devices.

Assessment of mandibular movement for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea: Academic challenges & Industrial perspectives

Jean Louis Pépin is running the HP2 (Hypoxia and Physiopathology) laboratory which is one of the world-renowned laboratory dedicated to the study of sleep apnea and chronic intermittent hypoxia (CIH). During those past years, the HP2 laboratory has depicted the molecular portrait of the multi-organ deleterious consequences of intermittent hypoxia (IH) and developed several innovative therapeutic modalities. Jean Louis Pépin had a strong involvement in clinical research and epidemiological studies (large cohorts, registries and big data/artificial intelligence programs). He has experience in innovation (> 10 patents), in clinical trials and in industrial partnerships. He is the director of the MIAI Chair “trajectories Medicine”.

Summury : SENSAPNEA - An innovative simple home-use diagnosis solution for sleep apnea

SENSAPNEA is an EIT european project for the development of a simple solution for sleep apnea diagnosis and value-based care. The innovative, simplified sleep apnea diagnosis promises better prevention and management of chronic diseases, at a reduced cost. It also empowers citizens to take charge of their own health with a digitally-enabled platform that involves joint-management with patients.


Ronan Le Hy - Data science project manager at Probayes, PhD in cognitive science from Grenoble University.

Expertise in software engineering, machine learning, Bayesian modeling and project management. He now leads a team that targets a variety of data science use cases, including natural language processing, chatbots, and health projects.

In this presentation, he will show the technical and industrial side of the Sensapnea project. I will put this work in the perspective of wider industrial developments around sleep apnea and health at Probayes.

IA & Arts


Eliane Sausse - Directrice par intérim de l’Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences à Meylan. Elle dirige l’Atelier Arts Sciences plateforme commune au CEA et à la scène nationale depuis sa creation en 2007. Toute sa carrière a été dans la culture et le spectacle vivant avec une ouverture sur le monde scientifique depuis la naissance de ce projet à l’Hexagone. Elle accompagne des projets entre artistes et scientifiques.

Du connexionnisme au transhumanisme : retour d'expériences sur une collaboration arts/science autour de l'IA

Rocio Bérenger - Professionnelle des arts du spectacle – Actrice Metteuse en scène pour la compagnie Pulso. Elle s'intéresse aux grands enjeux et mutations de notre monde contemporain - parmi lesquels l'évolution des espaces de liberté individuelle au sein de notre société, la place des technologies dans notre quotidien, les questions d'écologie... Que ce soit dans Homeostasis#V2, autour du dialogue entre l'humain et l'intelligence artificielle, dans Ergonomics, inspiré par l'univers des start-up, G5, autour des menaces qui pèsent sur l'avenir de l'humanité et de la diversité des espèces, ses créations sont des fictions prospectives qui explorent la possibilité d'un « autre demain ». S'y lisent aussi, en creux, nos névroses contemporaines.

Le recours aux nouvelles technologies très présent dans son travail ne relève pas d'une fascination mais d'une envie de les intégrer à l'écriture poétique tout en interrogeant la manière dont ces technologies, omniprésentes dans nos vies, modifient nos relations interpersonnelles.

In fine, c'est bien le corps qui est le centre et le point de convergence de son travail. Le corps traversé par les codes sociaux de comportement, le corps au centre des enjeux d'identité, de représentation, de désir. Le corps menacé dans sa liberté et sa souveraineté par les agencements du néocapitalisme, le corps comme territoire à reconquérir.

Benoit Favre is a lecturer at Aix-Marseille University in computer science. His research is on multimodal language processing, in particular speech and image understanding. He is interested in how AI systems can generalize to unseen conditions in their context of use. This presentation will explore a few aspects of Art-Science collaborations through the scope of artistic performances of the Pulso company on the relation between humans and machines. It will contemplate how AI can be used as a mirror to better understand our human nature.

Rare Earth Elements and Self Supervised Learning

Always popping up where nobody expects him, Thierry Poquet is a tireless explorer of transversality in all its forms. From Street Art to circus, from contemporary music to opera, including theatrical texts and contemporary art installations, Thierry Poquet’s multi-disciplinary career has spanned for more than 30 years. The common thread of his work is rooted in an insatiable curiosity for the diversity of the creative territories available to artists today, combined with an undeniable taste for risk.
Among his various theatrical productions, he was involved as playwright, co-director and artistic coordinator in the European Culture 2000 project St Kilda, the Island of the Birdmen, an opera which received an Award in 2008 in Glasgow. www.eoliesonge.com

Summury : "Terres Rares", our cyber opera, is inspired by the latest research in human/machine interactions, where machines enhance reality, thereby allowing us, perhaps, to enrich our relationship with the world. Staging robots offers a reflection to our humanity : our Rare Earth Elements are made of minerals and sensations shaped by emotions and humor.


Xavier Basset is an engineer, entrepreneur, pioneer in the social robotics business. He’s carried by strong values of trust and data privacy. He founded Hoomano in 2014 and developed the company in France and Japan. In 2017, he launched an Artificial Intelligence Joint Laboratory within Hoomano and LIRIS - CNRS to improve Human Machine Interaction state of the art, inspired by baby’s learning abilities and models from cognitive science. Xavier believes technology still has an extraordinary unexploited potential to change the way it can help people to communicate, learn and play. He is also a Board Member of Minalogic. www.hoomano.com