Guillaume Le Lay

Short biography

Graduated with a master degree (M2) in law, I obtained a master's degree (M2) in sociology from EHESS (École des hautes études en sciences sociales – Paris) at the end of which I presented a thesis on the transformation of the IT expertise of a major non-profit association for the defense of digital freedoms, into legal expertise. After my graduation, I carried out the quantitative analysis part of a collective survey on “the new collective representation of employees” as a research assistant at the Centre de Sociologie des Organisations (CSO – SciencePo Paris ; CNRS). Meanwhile, I also collaborated in a collective research coordinated by Liora Israel (EHESS – Centre Maurice Halbwachs) for the for the research committee “Law and Justice” (Mission de Recherche Droit et Justice - Ministère de la justice ; CNRS), entitled: “Supreme causes: The political mobilizations of law before the high courts”, taking charge of the “digital freedoms” chapter of the inquiry. Particularly interested in scientific practices and computer expertise, I am currently pursuing a PhD within the Algorithmic Society Chair of the MIAI on the social production of algorithmic knowledge, under the direction of Gilles Bastin et Séverine Louvel (PACTE – SciencePo Grenoble ; UGA ; CNRS).

Thesis subject

Learning AI : the social production of algorithmic knowledge.
Based on a case study of training in Artificial Intelligence and massive data analysis provided by a major research university, this thesis aims to highlight the effects of actors’ socialisation on the functioning of programming in AI and consequently on the knowledge partitions organising a scientific space that is led to seize these tools.