Kévin YAUY

Short biography

Born 1990, France. MD in medical genetics, University of Montpellier (2019) and PhD student in Bioinformatics/Artificial Intelligence, University Grenoble Alpes (2019- ). Laureate of Science Académie program/Ecole Normale Supérieure (2007) and of University of Paris MD-PhD program (2009). Main research interest: building software and data science tools to explore the human genome in order to overcome diagnostic odyssey in rare disease. Passionate about bioinformatics; co-lead of national lectures on bioinformatics for genomic medicine; launched Massive Online Open Course on France Université Numérique platform.

Thesis subject

Multimodal exploration of the human genome to solve the diagnostic odyssey of patients suffering from rare diseases. Under the direction of Julien Thevenon.


Translational Genomics Group, Institue of Advanced Biosciences, La Tronche, France. SeqOne Genomics, Montpellier, France