Lucas Etourneau

Short biography

I am Lucas Etourneau, 23 years old, and I started my PhD in MIAI institute during Novembre 2020. After a preparatory class integrated to the National Institutes of Technology (Prépa des Grenoble INP-UGA), I joined the National School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (Grenoble INP-UGA – Ensimag) in Grenoble. I have been involved in several associations during my years in Ensimag, including the Junior-Enterprise. Then, I did a master in Industrial and Applied Mathematics, in collaboration with Grenoble-Alpes University. Finally, I completed my master with a research internship in Deep Learning with non-Euclidian structures, applied to 3D medical imaging. After this great introduction to research in Data Science, I chose to stay in a similar path by pursuing a PhD thesis in bio-statistics and machine learning. As I already heard about the creation of MIAI institute during my years in Ensimag, I made contact with few members. I was interested in applications for biology and medicine, so this PhD subject, part of Multi-Omic chair of MIAI, was a great opportunity!

Thesis subject

Multi-omics transfer learning to extend proteomics coverage beyond mass spectrometry quantitation limits.
Names of Supervisors : Thomas Burger, Nelle Varoquaux


EDyP (CEA Grenoble) and TIMC-IMAG