Manon Dampfhoffer

Short biography

I come from Grenoble. I studied Computer Sciences and Applied Mathematics at Grenoble INP-UGA – ENSIMAG (2016-2019). Then I did a Master degree in Cognitive Sciences at Grenoble INP-UGA–PHELMA (2020). I am working toward my PhD thesis since September 2020 in the MIAI chair « Hardware for spike-coded neural networks exploiting hybrid CMOS non-volatile technologies ». The objective of my thesis is to benefit from the sparse and light computations of bio-inspired Spiking Neural Networks to develop Deep Learning algorithms with high energy efficiency, to be implemented on low-cost neuromorphic hardware for edge IA applications. Another objective is to leverage the temporal capabilities of Spiking Neural Networks to improve their accuracy on spatio-temporal data. My supervisors are Lorena Anghel (Spintec) and Alexandre Valentian (LSTA).

Thesis subject

Online learning algorithms for Spiking Neural Networks