Mathilde Jay

Mathilde Jay

Short biography

I graduated in 2021 from the engineering school IMT Atlantique (Telecom Bretagne diploma) with a specialization in Distributed Systems and Software Engineering. In parallel, I obtained a master in Data Science and Engineering from EURECOM. During my studies, I had the opportunities to intern at both a small start-up and an international company on diverse projects: I developed deep learning models for image segmentation, I investigated massive databases, and I studied the client latency of Google Cloud Engine.
I am interested in the environmental impact of artificial intelligence and how the energy cost of the development of new models or algorithms can be reduced.
The first step of my work was to study and compare existing software tools that measure the energy consumption of a computer and a program. My research now focuses on the implementation of machine learning training algorithms in digital infrastructures - in the cloud or at the edge - and how it can be adapted to the computing capacity of available machines while reducing their energy demand.

Thesis subject

Low-cost learning algorithms at the edge


Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble (LIG), Laboratoire d’Informatique du Parallélisme (LIP)