AI & Society

Outreach Programme

MIAI will team up with well-established actors of scientific outreach to support the diffusion of AI awareness in the public. MIAI will develop an “AI literacy programme”, targeting citizens and young people, aiming at informing them about what AI has to offer to human beings, and raising awareness about the risks it carries. Sessions will be carried out in elementary schools. We will also organise two AI sessions each year within the Conférences ISN organised by Inria and targeting a public of high school teachers, and will take part in national public events such as Fête de la Science. Lastly, at the national level, we will push for the creation of AI modules within the existing Computer Science option offered in high schools (we will try and engage the other French AI institutes in this action).

Finally, every year, we organize a Robotics Challenge (Challenge robotique Univ. Grenoble Alpes), which welcomes hundreds of middle and high school students and the general public. It is also an opportunity to sensitize concretely and playfully these audiences to artificial intelligence for robotics.