Axis 6: Environment and energy

The 2018 World Economic Forum highlighted several challenges faced by Earth systems: climate change, biodiversity and conservation, healthy oceans, water security, clean air, weather and disaster resilience. Taken together, these six issues raise an urgent global challenge and require developments of AI methodologies in an interdisciplinary framework. The environment axis of MIAI contributes to addressing all these challenges. It deals notably with the monitoring of species interactions which are impacted by climate change, the mitigation of natural disasters, the quality of air and water, the prediction of natural hazards, the forecasting of the ocean circulation and the monitoring of large hydraulic structures. Moreover, decarbonising the energy is a key issue to preserve the environment, a problem we address through the development of new technologies for smart grids.

AI solutions for natural disasters

This research program covers most aspects of environmental issues. Algorithms will be developed to identify the concentration and the location of pollutants. AI will help us bridge the gap between the large amount of available observations in seismology and geodesy and the actual incomplete understanding of subterranean processes. We will use multi-modal remote sensing data to measure the impact of climate change on vegetation biodiversity and will develop new tools for environmental monitoring and geophysical data assimilation.

Optimising energy management