Education board

Education board
The education board's objective is to double the number of people trained in Artificial Intelligence and its applications. The training courses offered are aimed at all levels: bachelor, master, and doctorate.


Kim Thang Nguyen : Education Director of the MIAI Institute and Professor of Computer Science at Grenoble-INP, Grenoble Alpes University. In charge of the education board.

Thnimphorn Courant : EFELIA-MIAI Project Manager

Eric Gaussier : Institute Director of the MIAI Institute and Professor of Computer Science at Grenoble Alpes University.

Jean-Louis Roch: Professor at Ensimag / Grenoble-INP, Grenoble Alpes University.

Anatoli Juditsky : Professor at Grenoble Alpes University, Co-responsible for the educational board

Massih-Reza Amini : Professor of Computer Science, Head of the LIG's AMA team

Ahmed Lbath : Professor of Computer Science at Grenoble Alpes University

Christian Defelix : Director of Grenoble IAE

Camille Bernard : Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at LIG & Grenoble IAE

Daniel Brissaud : Director Grenoble INP-UGA Génie Industriel

Fanny Rabouille : Head of pedagogical engineering in the department Management and Technology Degree in Engineering, Computer Science at GEM

Gilles Henri : Director UFR PhITEM (Physics, Engineering, Earth, Environment, Mechanics)

Iragael Joly : Senior Lecturer Grenoble INP-UGA, Researcher at the Grenoble Applied Economy Laboratory (GAEL)

Marc Oddon : Vice President Continuing Education and Apprenticeship at Grenoble Alpes University

Michel Seve : Dean UFR Pharmacy

Olivier Michel : Grenoble INP-UGA ENSE3, Head of the Master's Degree in Signal and Image Processing

Olivier Palombi : Vice-Dean UFR Medicine CHU Grenoble Alpes

Philippe Protin : Senior lecturer of Finance and Deputy Director for Studies - Grenoble IAE

Ronald Phlypo : Senior lecturer of Grenoble INP-UGA - Phelma

Théodore Christakis : Co-Director of the Grenoble Alpes Data Institute, Chair Legal and Regulatory Implications of Artificial Intelligence MIAI

Jean-Luc Parouty : Research Engineer - CNRS SIMaP Laboratory
Published on  October 30, 2023
Updated on June 7, 2024