Master scholarships


Applications for the academic year 2024/2025 have not started yet.

EFELIA-MIAI funds a scholarship program related to Artificial Intelligence. Its goal is to attract exceptional candidates, either in the second year (M2) of one of University Grenoble Alpes Master's programs or in European Master in AI Unite!,eMAI (M2 level in 2023-2024).

To be eligible, candidates are expected to be accepted and registered in one of the Master's programs listed below at Université Grenoble Alpes.

All excellent students (master students or engineering students) are invited to apply.

EFELIA-MIAI will offer 10 scholarships for each academic year (8000 €) .

For the academic year from September 2023 to June 2024, the distribution of the scholarships will be as follows :

  • 4 scholarships awarded to Master 2 programs labelled "Core AI" (see list below)
  • 4 scholarships awarded to Master 2 programs labelled "AI and Applications" (see list below)
  • 2 scholarships awarded to the European Master in AI Unite!,eMAI (M2 level in 2023-2024)


  • The scholarship is intended to support selected students willing to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence for both their Master and PhD. It is expected that funded students apply, at the end of their Master, to a doctoral program within one of the Grenoble research laboratories
  • Master 2 programs include 2 semesters : approximately 5 months of courses and 5 months of research thesis
  • The scholarship is allocated for 2 semesters (4000€ each semester, or 800€ per month) as follows. After registration (usually at end of august or in september) 4000€ are allocated for the first semester. In November each allocated student has to attest that his.her research thesis will be performed in the field of AI. In this case, the scholarship is given for the second semester (4000€ = 5 more months for a total amount given of 8000€ ). If the student does not perform his thesis in AI, then the scholarship cannot be extended (total amount given for one semester,5 months, is 4000€)
  • The European Master in AI Unite! is a 2-year program. The Emai Master M2 program in Grenoble starts from sept 2023. The scholarship is awarded for the semester or year of the Master spent in Grenoble (M1 or M2)


Master 2 programs "Core AI"  Listed here
A Master Committee ranks excellent candidates who have been admitted in M2 "Core AI" at University Grenoble Alpes for 2023-2024

The selection board will take place in early June 2023

Master 2 programs "AI and application" Listed here
Applications should be sent by Email in a unique PDF file  before April 28th, 2023 (12:00 am) for the first round of selection. The first selection board will take place in early May 2023

If, at the end of this first round, not all grants are awarded, applications received between 28 April and 31 May 2023 may be considered in a second round, during June 2023

The application has to include the following information :

  • A letter of commitment indicating the chosen Master 2 program at Université Grenoble Alpes and specifying that the student commits to work on a research topic related to MIAI research themes during her/his Master thesis. Students will be asked to write a report (around 30 pages) at the end of the Master year on the topic they have finally selected
  • A CV
  • Academic trancripts from the last 2 academic years translated to French or English when appropriate
  • Master application number: before applying to the EFELIA-MIAI scholarship, it’s necessary to apply to a master 2 program of "Université Grenoble Alpes". To be eligible, applicants have to be admitted in 2023-2024 in one M2 program
The European Master in AI Unite! 
A Master Committee ranks the candidates ranks excellent candidates who have been admitted in its M2 program in 2023-2024.The selection board will take place in early June 2023.

Important : The scholarship is dependent on your acceptance in the Master's program 
  • You have to apply separately to the master's programs, following their application requirements

  • If you are not accepted in the Master's program of your choice, then you are not eligible for the scholarship

  • You will be informed of the award results after each admission round
  • Candidates who are awarded a scholarship will be sent all necessary documents before June 30th, 2023
Published on  December 20, 2023
Updated on February 5, 2024