MIAI Scientific Equipement & Facilities

MIAI benefits from the computing facilities already existing in Grenoble and in France:
  • The Grenoble Alpes Research, Computing and Data Infrastructure (Gricad) that provides computing resources (HPC, HTC, cloud and storage) ;
  • Grid’5000, a large-scale and versatile testbed for experiment-driven research in all areas of computer science, with a focus on parallel and distributed computing including Cloud, HPC and Big Data, partly operated by Gricad ;
  • Semiconductor facilities at CEA-Leti, including clean rooms, test and characterization platforms ;
  • The supercomputer Jean Zay, set up by CNRS for the French scientific community ;
  • Smaller scale, GPU based computing resources existing in Grenoble laboratories that will be partly shared within MIAI.

We plan to increase our local capacities on GPUs and storage facilities (with a budget estimated at 70k€ per year) in order to (a) store and locally process confidential data which cannot transit via networks (e.g. health data, etc.), and (b) fine-tune algorithms prior to using national architectures. On the storage front, Grenoble aims, via MIAI and its CHU, at becoming, as part of the national initiative on health data, a local Health Data Hub.
Published on  October 19, 2023
Updated on October 30, 2023