MIAI: Startup programme

Detection of promising applications will benefit from a collaboration with institutions which are already involved in such activities (HPE, CEA-Leti…), are experienced in the identification of attractive technologies and are able to gather entrepreneurial teams to support startups.

MIAI will thus enable the creation of a portfolio of technologies to be developed, either within startups, or as intrapreneurial projects within established companies. MIAI will also foster the implication of students within such private-led development projects.

Startups creation will rely on three instruments: SATT Linksium on the one hand, and PEPITE oZer and Incubagem for student entrepreneurship on the other hand. We will encourage Master and PhD students as well as postdoctoral fellows to rely on the resources for the student incubator PEPITE oZer, which provides training, coaching and resources tohelp student set-up entrepreneurial projects. We expect that one third of PhD students and postdoctoral fellows recruited within MIAI will benefit from programmes set up by PEPITE oZer. The doctoral school supports this activity through the delivery of a Business Creation certificate. Finally, MIAI will rely on the Incubagem scheme, which proposes to partner science and business students to develop startups.

With the combination of those various schemes, we expect 20 startups to be created yearly:

  • Five from PEPITE oZer on AI applications;
  • Five from Incubagem on AI applications;
  • 10 from Linskium, with half on AI applications and half on core AI.
Published on  October 19, 2023
Updated on October 30, 2023