PhD Positions

Subject Advisor Lab / Company Publication date on MIAI's website
(new!) FR: FAME-MED – Fédération d'Apprentissage, Modèles Génératifs et Adaptation de Domaines en Imagerie Médicale
EN: FAME-MED - Federated Learning, Generative Models and Domain Adaptation in Medical Imaging
Romain Hérault & Aurélien Corroyer-Dulmont - GREYC laboratory for the federated learning development part (Caen/Normandie)
- François Baclesse centre and ISTCT for the medical application part (Caen/Normandie)
FR: Chaire 'My Way To Health' - 3 ans Sébastien Bailly HP2 lab 19/12/2023
EN: Adoption dynamics in social networks for green mobility - 3 years - ASAP Alain Kibangou
Paolo Frasca
DANCE team at GIPSA-lab 19/12/2023
Published on  December 5, 2023
Updated on February 6, 2024