Projects for the development and promotion of AI

Open call to sustain the development and promotion of AI projects

MIAI@Grenoble Alpes (ANR-19-P3IA-0003) launched a call for application to sustain the development and promotion of AI. The projects are funded up to 7.5k€ for one year.

This call is open to the MIAI community. Projects are encouraged to have a strong collaborative character and foster interactions between MIAI partners. The selection will be based on the scientific quality of the project, the collaborations it relies on, in particular industrial collaborations, and its interdisciplinary dimension.

Whithin this call, MIAI funded 21 projects:
Project Head of the project Laboratory
Bayesian Deep Learning Julyan Arbel LJK
Open Data and Algorithms for Smart Building Indoor Temperature Forecast Benoit Delinchant G2ELab
RAAI - Radiotherapy Assisted by AI Michel Dojat GIN
Inexpensive edge sensor for recognizing and counting the presence of humans (anonymous) and animals into wild and protected areas. Didier Donsez LIG
Interférométrie satellite SAR pour l'estimation de la déformation de surface: comment apprendre la cohérence temporelle à partir de matrices de covariance complètes de séries temporelles d’images SAR? Sophie Giffard-Roisin ISTerre
Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Digital Twins (DTs): benefits and challenges Raania Khan GEM
Caractérisation des problèmes dans la gestion de la production et les chaînes logistiques: vers une boîte à outils IA Gülgün Alpan G-SCOP
ALPS - Advanced Language Processing (Winter) School Laurent Besacier LIG
Les états-généraux de l’éthique de l’IA Thierry Ménissier IPhiG
AI applied to Transfer Pricing transactions Véronique Blum CERAG
Simulation of extreme values by AI generative models. Application to banking risk Stéphane Girard LJK
Apply AI to the CIty: Computational Urban and Architectural Design Marin Philippe MHA
Artificial intelligence and legal decisions: comparison of the performance of artificial intelligence techniques in order to understand and anticipate judges' reasoning based on evidence (evidential reasoning) Etienne Verges CRJ
Deep Learning of volcano-seismic data to forecast volcanic eruptions in Indonesia Corentin Caudron ISTerre
Performance of econometric and Machine Learning models for the economic study of discrete consumer choices Iragaël Joly GAEL
Development of a new device for measuring the rheological properties of fluids Guillaume Maîtrejean LJK
Prediction of pollutant transport in an alpine valley for the next decade by deep learning Chantal Staquet LEGI
Understanding consumers’ reactions to A.I food and beverage recommendations Agnès Helme-Guizon CERAG
Exploring self-presence in computerized cognitive training for older people with neurocognitive disorders Emmanuel Monfort TIMC-IMAG
Oral disease detection Georges Quénot LIG
Integration of ARIMA predictions into a machine learning forecast of aggregate electricity demand: some tests David Grover GEM

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