Workshop Grenoble-Swansea on AI

Agenda, Workshop
July 2, 2024 - July 3, 2024
The Grenoble-Swansea Centre for AI (GoSCAI) hold a 2 day workshop in Grenoble on 2nd and 3rd July 2024. The aim of the workshop is to develop new and enhance existing research relations across GoSCAI with a series of talks and discussions.

Tuesday, 2nd July 2024

9h00 Welcome coffee

9h30 Opening: Eric Gaussier, Sophie Achard, Arnold Beckmann

10h00 Workshop Session 1 (talks 10 min + 5 min q&a)

  • Fred Boy: Real-Time Tracking of National Happiness Levels: Machine Learning Modelling and Deep Learning Phenotyping of Human Behaviour.
  • Yuying Xia: Potential applications and challenges of AI in Engineering Education
  • Nicolas Hili: LLM4DSL - Large Language Models for Domain Specific Languages
  • Gilles Bastin: The (Social) World According to ChatGPT
  • Zuha Shahid: The Role of Statistical and Symbolic AI in Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Gabriela Gonzalez Saez & Caroline Rossi: Exploring Neural Machine
  • Translation (NMT) Explainability for Translators Using NMT Visualising Tools
  • Rajesh Ransing: AI-Driven Root Cause Analysis and Risk Management with Digital Twin Technology
  • Daniele Ziebelin: Represent and reason about the composition of tangible cultural objects

12h00 lunch break
13h30 Funding opportunities [Research Offices UGA & SU]. Followed by open discussion
14h30 coffee break
15h00 Workshop Session 2 (talks 10min + 5 min q&a)

  • Ben Mora: The mediterranean matrix multiplication

  • Amélie Favreau: AI and intellectual property

  • Daniele Cafolla: Towards Open World Intelligent Robotics

  • Misaki Ozawa: Multiscale Enegy-Based Generative Modeling in Physics Applications

  • Jay Morgan: Manifold-aware Adversarial Examples

  • Gülgün Alpan: tbd

  • Sara Sharifzadeh: Tackling Time-Series Analysis Challenges in Healthcare and Agriculture

17h00 closing remarks
19:30 joint dinner at Les Jardins de Sainte Cécile (18 rue de l’Alma, Grenoble)

Wednesday, 3rd July 2024

9h00 Welcome coffee

9h30 Workshop Session 3 (talks 10min + 5 min q&a)

  • Bertie Müller: Challenges of AI Evaluation

  • Philippe Marin: AI Applied to Architectural Design

  • Karin Ennser: Robot navigation using Artificial Intelligence

  • Kim Thang Nguyen: Rebound effects: a case study in High Performance Computing and AI

  • Monika Seisenberger: Formal Methods and AI

  • Martial Mermillod: Deep-Learning for One Health

  • Cinzia Giannetti: Digital twinning for smart and sustainable manufacturing

  • Emmanuel Monfort: Human-centric AI for demographic transition

11h30 Breakout session
12h30 closing
12h30 lunch

Published on  July 2, 2024
Updated on  July 2, 2024