Artificial intelligence for Smart Grids


The purpose of the "IA and Energy / Smartgrids" chair is to address the scientific challenges linked to the integration of renewable energies and new uses in energy systems using artificial intelligence techniques. This area is part of the 3D energy transition: Decarbonation, Decentralization and Digitization. In this context, some data are generated in large numbers by the various sensors disseminated in the electrical system or at the end users (Linky smart meter) while other data are largely missing. This later aspect complicates the complete observability of the electrical system that is necessary for a precise and efficient management and control especially as these systems concern critical infrastructures (vital systems). Traditional methods are limited and cannot handle the fast evolution of an evolving energy paradigm. Therefore, the contribution of artificial intelligence techniques to remove these obstacles is essential. However, the specificity is to couple data and physical models (hybrid models). Thus, the data gathered from these systems associated with Machine Learning processes should help improving various aspects of smartgrids including preventive maintenance models, real-time system diagnosis and control, from in an uncertain context, cyber security for SCADA / EMS/DMS systems, stability of microgrids with a high rate of renewable energy systems, optimization of field interventions for fault management in electrical networks, accurate forecasting models (production and consumption of energy with low grouping effect) or the distribution of intelligence in smart grids for dealing with new variable uses and energies. Furthermore, the decision-making process in an uncertain context requires support tools for the network operator. These tools often require the coupling of deep a,d reinforcement learning techniques. This also makes it possible to integrate the expertise of the grid operator into these decision models.


  • Aleksandr Petrusev presented his work MIAI days. He won the price of the best presentation of his session.
    • PhD thesis of Aleksandr Petrusev: “AI for managing Smartgrids” with ENEDIS
    • PhD thesis of Hassan Issa: “AI for microgrids with low inertia”
    • Post-Doc of Alyafi : “AI for short term consumption forecasting” with ENEDIS
    • Post-Doc of Sandra Castellanos-Paez: “Planning AI for smartgrids”
    • 3 Masters thesis
  • Upcoming projects :
    • Creation of an Energy Agora for the collection and use of energy data. Research Ingineer with IRT Nanoelec
    • PhD on AI for virtual power plants and price forecasting with Energy Pool
    • PhD on AI for Storage with ATOS World Grid



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Published on  January 25, 2024
Updated on January 25, 2024