Explainable and Responsible AI


To build more trustworthy AI systems, we investigate how to produce explanations for results returned by AI systems and how to build AI algorithms with guarantees of fairness and privacy, in the setting of varied tasks such as classification, recommendation, resource allocation or matching.


Our activities are structured by several PhD works co-supervised with team members in collaboration with academic or industrial partners : CEA LIST, Nokia Bell Labs, Naver Labs Europe, NUKKAI.
  • Privacy and security vulnerabilities of Semantic Web (PhD funded by the chair)
  • Political ads – audit, detection and impact analysis (PhD funded by the chair)
  • Collaborative Transparency (PhD funded by the chair)
  • Fairness in multi-stakeholder recommendation platforms (Cifre PhD with Naver Labs Europe)
  • Rule learning for formal verification of Deep Neural Networks (PhD funded by CEA LIST)
  • Alarm prediction in communication networks via explainable machine learning (Cifre PhD with Nokia Bell Labs)

We are also developing international collaborations, in particular within the TAILOR european network of excellence on Trustworthy AI in which we have launched coordinating research actions on explainability, privacy and fairness.

For the academic year 2021-2022, we are co-funding with TAILOR the delegation of Radu Ciucanu, who is working on secure protocols for AI algorithms on distributed data e.g., secure federated learning.


  • Round Table “Is Deep Learning explainable” (Organizers: MC Rousset, G. Quénot – Panelists: O. Goga, P.Muhlem). LIG scientific day- October 15th 2020.
  • Round Table “How to buid Trustable AI systems ?” (co-organized with P. Wieczoreck from Minalogic)- Les éclairages de l’IA « Model versus Data Validation ou comment avoir confiance dans l’IA ? »- February 5th 2021.
  • “Contribution of the Chair Explainable and Responsible AI to Trustworthy AI”, MC Rousset, kickoff TAILOR WP3 “Trustworthy AI”. MC Rousset, December 17th 2020.
  • Workshop "Explainable and Responsible AI" organized in hybrid format in Grenoble, with invited researchers from LABRI and IRISA, November 25th 2021


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Published on  January 11, 2024
Updated on January 11, 2024